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Yellow and Red Cards in Football explained | Yellow card vs ...

It is very confusing for beginners to understand the consequences related to the 2 yellow and red cards that are used in Football as warnings or to penalisi...

Yellow Card in Soccer: A Complete Guide to What It Means ...

A yellow card in soccer is used by the referee to caution a player for unsporting behavior, consistently infringing the rules of the game, dissent, or delaying the restart of the game. If the referee has to show one player two yellow cards in a game, that player must leave the field of play.

What Do Yellow and Red Cards Mean in Football? | FAQ | Rules ...

Receiving Two Yellow Cards. In football, two yellow cards equal a red card. Thus if a player commits two fouls that are worthy of being a yellow card for each one, then a red will automatically be issued and the player will have to leave the field of play.

Yellow card definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

1. a card of a yellow colour displayed by a referee to indicate that a player has been officially cautioned for some offence. verb yellow-card. 2. (transitive) to caution (a player) officially for some offence. adjective. 3. serving as a warning; intended to warn. a yellow card system is in place.

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Definition of yellow-card in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of yellow-card. What does yellow-card mean? Information and translations of yellow-card in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Penalty card - Wikipedia

Yellow cards and red cards are, however, not issued in the Australian Football League, the highest level of play in Australian rules football. Badminton: A red card is given to a singles player or doubles pair to penalize subsequent infractions after receiving a yellow card. It counts as fault, meaning the opposing side is awarded a point.

Football Terminology - Topend Sports

Yellow Card: A yellow card is held up by a referee to signal a caution for a minor infringement. Zone Defense: A defensive system where defenders mark a designated area of the field of play instead of tracking players across the field.